W a r d r o b e S t y l i s t , h u m a n & m o r e


I have lived a visual life. Growing up in Los Angeles, the daughter of a stylist turned producer mother and a graphic designer father, I was infused from an early age to an aesthetic and cinematic culture. I am a fine artist who trained as a draftsman and a painter, but that was not my only calling. To give myself a deeper understanding of art and society, I studied at UCLA, where I received my BA in Art History. After graduating, I began working as a costume designer. I work primarily in television commercials, TV and occasionally print. I have done campaigns for big brands such as Samsung Galaxy, Converse, Target, JC penny, YouTube, McDonalds, Netflix, MAYTAG, Microsoft, and award winning PSA's. Having studied and also experienced both high art and popular culture, I have come to understand that though they each serve different ends -both can excite, inspire, and enrich if the talent and visions are brought together. This applies to all the arts I’ve encountered and adore. Painting, music, film, dance, and costumes.  I use the skills gained through studying Art History, including the history of fashion today in my work as a stylist. It has allowed me to create characters through their wardrobe be it rock n roll, high fashion, or a period piece. I love to keep current, but I find individuality and personal expression crucial.

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